Decolonize Astrology!

Alice Sparkly Kat provides astrologial services for individuals and communities

What I do

Personal Readings

A personal reading can help you align your stars and live with full intention and awareness. This is also the perfect, super personalized birthday gift for your loved ones.

Group Training

Do you work at a start-up? Work on a small team? Chances are that you get to know all your coworkers close and personal. Learn how to motivate right and work with everyone's talent, not against it.


Make your next art show opening, music show, or party super cool by booking me to read the stars of everyone who comes! It'll be a night to remember.


Ask me about my astrological research. I am slowly detangling astrology from colonialism and patriarchy by writing and doing lectures. I'm always up to collaborate or teach a workshop!


  • It describes people as individuals with agency
  • It seeks to deconstruct subconscious limitations so that conscious work can be effective
  • It provides the context for an alternate history making
  • It re-charts representation in an information society
  • It explores the line between knowledge sharing and appropriation
  • It charts the movement of culture and belief on a global scale at the local level
  • It describes communities and people as mutually accountable
  • It is a DIY system describing body in world
  • It replaces the geographical model of culture with one that operates more fluidly in contemporary, digital culture
  • It is a platform on which any contribution is equally valid
  • It reimagines the self and the collective in relation to time
  • It both validates and criticizes our inherited belief systems
  • It redefines history as collective trauma
  • It creates a language in which everything is just one archetype among many
  • It process all kinds of culture at the same speed

What People Say

Emmanuela Soria Ruiz, artist

"My reading with Alice Sparkly Kat was excellent! She spoke beautifully, was able to respond to all my questions (sometimes I asked her to clarify things, and she would go over them twice, three times), she made me many charts before our appointment and went over them in full detail. I fully recommend her services and I think this is a very excellent birthday present for your friends."

Shan Liu, designer

"My astrology reading with Alice was uncannily accurate and inspiring. She was really patient in answering all my questions, and made sure I understood everything she said. She is passionate about astrology, and has a natural talent in reading complex charts. I would totally recommend Alice to anyone who's interested in their cosmic fingerprints."

Yulia Zinshtein, artist/poet

"Alice's sweet, calming nature helped me understand my inner turmoil, judgement free."

Shuang Tang, artist

My reading with Alice was amazing and she's surprisingly patient. She started with a reading of the charts, then she proceeded to my questions, which I have many. When I don't understand a certain point, she would go over it and elaborate. But most importantly she's really honest with me about things which help me sort out a lot of problems and plans! Already recommending her to friends!

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